Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nuances of being a quitter.

It really has been a long time folks. I do not know where to begin. So, I'll just start by saying that i have taken a bold decision to quit cigarettes. You read it right. I have quit cigarettes, but i am obtaining my nicotine via a vaporizer.

I don't really want to take too much time gushing over vaping and how next gen it is. It seems okay so far.  I see it as more of a cessation tool for the time being. However, what i want to gush over, and i mean Niagara falls gush, is the marked change in health that has taken place.

Before, i get carried away in my little type frenzy, i would like to add that it has only been a week down, and that the battle against smoking will be life-long, but the effects of kicking the butt are pronounced! Which only seems to positively boost my determination to never smoke gain. So here are the among the most noticeable changes i have observed since 1'st July 2017:

  • Easy breathing: It had gotten to a point that my posture and balance had started to decline, causing backaches, due to a general level of blockage that was present. Almost a day into it, and i was breathing easy, and that helps with the posture. (Since i do plan on being a bit more disciplined with my blog posts, i will elucidate the significance between breathing and posture and back pain at a later date.) Let me also not fail to mention that i can do day to day activities without huffing and puffing like a geezer. Flights of stairs seem like a cinch!!
  • Sense of taste and smell: This was one of THE MOST important reasons that i decided to quit smoking and want to keep it that way. I had lost my sense of taste and smell to a great degree. Everything required more salt, spice or flavor in general because the senses are dead! No more. I remember having this incredible pasta a la Alfredo made by a friend, just 2 days after stopping. I was BOMBARDED by flavors. A mini food orgasm ensued, and i proceeded to critique that dish MasterChef style. The senses have kept improving, and just now as i type this article out, i can smell the Magnolia flowers down below in the garden. The moist oppressive air giving sweet respite in the form of natural air freshener. It amazes me how much i missed out on these small delights the past couple of years. 
  • Lastly i always seem to find a bit of extra cash lying around in my pocket and wallet. I calculated that at 15 cig/day, with 15 INR/cig i was spending 1575 bucks a week killing myself slowly. That's a whopping 80Grand annually. I can book a return flight to Germany with that kinda dough lying around. What i realized is that on a day to day basis this money seems so trifle. 200 bucks. But that multiplies into a huge fucking number at the end of the year. Heck i fervently hope that a year down the line, i will be making you people jealous with pictures of my trip to Germany. 
So on a very serious note, for those of you looking for a way out, please realize that apart from number crunching and health concerns, please do look into one of the things that's most dear to, that is being ruined because of this habit. Be it food, money, family or fitness. Attach a powerful emotion to your resolution and take that step without thinking too much. You (just as much, I) may suffer relapse(s), or have bad withdrawals, but whatever the obstacle, i feel that it is truly worth sticking with it, to see the light on the other side. Also, feel free to drop a comment in case you feel like taking the step but are hesitant. I could use the occasional boost too! 

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